Terms & Condition

By registering an account with F2BET, you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions applicable to F2BET gaming products. Please read the T&C carefully and if you do not agree with any of terms, do not use the website.

  1. Minimum age requirement to use F2BET products is 18 years of age. F2BET reserve the right to ask from Members any form of documentation to prove his/her age and suspend the said account until documentation is provided.
  2. Any form of transaction/wager carried out is solely the Members responsibility. It is the Members own responsibility to ensure that their account details are compromised. If the Members suspect such is the case, he/she should inform F2BET immediately for a password reset.
  3. Once bet/wagers are confirmed, it can neither be cancelled nor changed.
  4. A minimum stake amount applies. The amount is dependent on the particular Game/Product.
  5. Maximum betting limit :
  • For all casino games, the betting limit is MYR 20,000 / IDR 70,000 per bet. Any bets above the betting limits will be deem void and all profits generated from the void bet will be deem void all together. Maximum payout for odds more than 10 at all casino products is MYR 50,000 / IDR 175,000
  • For Sportsbook Mix Parlay & Correct Score the betting limit is MYR 1,000 per bet/ticket. Each bet/ticket has a maximum payout is MYR 50,000 / IDR 175,000
  • For all lottery product maximum payout is MYR 30,000 / IDR 100,000
  1. F2BET reserves the right to void any bets if it is evident that such bets are found to be an attempt to defraud F2BET. Accounts found to be doing so will be suspended.
  2. In the event of a random security check, Members accept F2BET demand for any documentation as proof of identity. This is to protect Members account and funds from any form of identity theft.
  3. F2BET will not be held responsible in the event that any transaction was declined by a financial institution due to incorrect personal details provided by the Members. Please inform F2BET if there is anything wrong with your personal details.
  4. F2BET does not allow creation of multiple accounts. If F2BET found the member creates more than one account at the same IP address or F2BET see accounts who managed by organization or manipulate personal data, F2BET will banned the account and the balance will freeze permanently (if the member want to create lots of account, please contact F2BET customer service for approval).
  5. Before any approval of withdrawal request, F2BET reserves the right to request from Members any form of documentation for proof of identity. Failure to provide with said documentation might result in revocation of winnings and account suspension. Documentation includes but is not limited to identity card, driving license, bank statement and passport.
  6. Any form of bonus, promotion and/or special offer are subjected to its own terms. Members agree to read and understand the terms governing the bonus they collect. F2BET reserves the right to revise the terms at any given time or cancel the bonus, promotion and/or special offer.
  7. Members under suspicion of participating in fraudulent and/or bonus hunting activities will be denied their claims of any bonus and possibly face account suspension. F2BET reserves the rights to investigate such members at its sole discrepancy and take whatever remedial action necessary. For any fraud/opposite betting detection, all member deposit & winning amount as well as claimed prizes will be forfeited without any notification.
  8. These Terms & Conditions prevail over any communication through chat, phone or email.

The reference language of the present Terms and Conditions is English. In any case if the Terms and Conditions are translated, only the English version will be valid.